What I’m Working on

A Battle for Dawn

(prev. title: Journey to a Smile)

The fantasy novel I have been working on since 2007. The majority of it has been written in 2010 to now however. I hope to finish it this summer and start on its sequel. The title has been changed thanks to my sister, Elissa, who came up with it. Awesome her. 🙂


It’s been two years since skeletal-looking monsters have ravaged Aseria and murdered hundreds. No one has forgotten those who have died, nor the tragedy that broke up former friends Tristan Avron and Zackery Meyvern. When the monsters, called Beings, return inexplicably, Tristan and Zack are forced to work together, along with their friends Amy, Marian, and newcomer Sara, to find the culprit of these monster appearances. With Sara as their lead toward the creator of these portals, they travel throughout the kingdom in search of answers, meanwhile fighting the Beings wherever and whenever they appear.

A Battle for Dawn is a story about the importance of friends, and the hope that remains, even during the most tragic of times.

Native Heart

Began in 2011 about a young Lakota Indian man who finds himself sucked into another world. This world is a bewildering concrete jungle complete with flying ships, hovercrafts, and in its highest industrial era yet. At first all he wants to do is go home, but he soon finds himself fighting alongside new friends for the safety of that planet’s future. Pollution and industrialization will eventually kill what nature’s left, and the Blake Corporation isn’t about to stop. The battles are dangerous, but when it comes to saving the land, he can’t find it in his heart to give up.

This novel is more time-consuming than anything I’ve ever done. I’ll spend two hours researching in order to write one page. From learning Lakota (a dialect of the Sioux tribe), researching their clothing, food sources and customs, to reading books on physics, hyper-space and worm-holes, I’m certainly kept busy. However, it may be one of my most entertaining ideas yet. 🙂

Upcoming Works

After A Battle for Dawn will come its sequel, Reclaiming Dawn. I’m also planning on writing a love story set in the modern world after that, another fantasy book, a children’s story about monsters in a closet, and possibly a farce about a poisoned King and his servants. There are also some very short stories I may want to lengthen to give it the full depth it deserves. It’s a lot on my ‘to do list’, but I’ll get to them eventually, even if I’m the only one who enjoys them. 🙂

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mr. Creek
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 01:02:29

    If you wish to absorb more on the importance of friends, I recommend ‘Ghost Rider’ by Neil Peart. A very tragic story of loss, sadness, anger, knowledge, acceptance and forgiveness with a common thread of friendship.


  2. abigailkrocker
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 18:07:06

    I think I’ve heard of that title before…. Thanks for commenting! I’ll look into it.


  3. Bhaven
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 07:00:59

    You sound pretty cool at 17:). Keep up the enthusiasm and stick to your passion. cheers, Bhaven


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