Short Update

Well, I finally finished the novel “The Grapes of Wrath” and found it to be a very powerful book, though a little odd in the end. Also I think the main character died…so I was very sad about that.

Currently I’m organizing the information that I will compile into my essay about the novel. I plan to get that done by Saturday night, and then begin reading Killer Angels next week.

I’ll still be facing my problem with wanting to write, rather than read, but hopefully the thought that school is coming up soon will push me along. Speaking of writing, with a lack of motivation to research medieval ships, and writers block on a couple other scenes, I began writing the sequel to my novel. Hope that’s not bad! I’m really enjoying it though, and find it intriguing that the shy girl in book one, Sara, who I really didn’t care writing about, is suddenly fun to write. I think that’s because I’m able to portray her now as a young woman, rather than a girl. She’s a love interest in the sequel, and also much more able to think for herself and be confident of who she is. Apparently confident characters are more fun for me to write.

And as a random side-note, I found that there is not one story idea in my head where the POV is strictly, or mostly, on a female. For some reason the minds of men interest me more. Odd…. Anyone else feel similar to this situation?

That’s all for now. I’ll be focusing on getting projects finished instead of blogging. I may visit my great aunt next week. She has dozens of stories to tell of my great grandparents escaping from Russia during the time of the Bolsheviks. Should be an exciting week. 🙂

Good writing to ya!

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  1. Mr. Creek
    Jul 21, 2011 @ 19:36:35

    When I saw ‘finally finished’ and ‘novel’. My heart leaped. I thought for one fleeting moment that the word between was ‘my’ not ‘the’. Funny how one little word can mean so much. The wise old lady said, ‘I guess that is why we must be careful to choose just the right ones.’ Of course sloppy speed reading does not help.
    As far as minds of the opposite sex being more interesting, do you enjoy puzzles of any kind? That is what I find the female mind to be, an unsolvable puzzle. 🙂


  2. abigailkrocker
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 14:52:31

    Hahaha! Yes, I do enjoy puzzles. Not the typical kind, but mind games on computers I do like, though I don’t play many. And I’m almost done with my novel, but I still might need another year. 😦 School gets in the way…as well as taking time to research. For my birthday I got three novels about Medieval times: Life in a Medieval City, Life in a Medieval Village, and Life in a Medieval Castle, all by two brothers. They are excellent and exactly what I need to write my story correctly. So I’ll be juggling between reading those, writing my novel, and school, for the next year.


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