Catching up and a few poems

I know it’s been far to long since I’ve posted. However I will pull out the excuse that it was because of school. It’s summer now though – more time to write and do other things that require little effort. Next year I will be a junior and the future looks promising.

Classes I will be taking: Japanese II, Advanced Placement English 11, U.S. History Honors, Chemistry, Algebra II Honors, Newspaper (I will be co-editor of the features spread), and Etymology (study of words).

It’s a busy schedule, but one in which I am bound to learn quite a lot. I also can’t complain about having too many writing or reading assignments because I know I plan on being an English major…so complaining doesn’t make much sense. It will be fun, but a lot of work, which means I better finish my novel this summer because there’s no way I will have time next school year.

By the way I am proud to say my novel “Journey to a Smile” has reached a total of 230 single spaced full printer pages. 🙂 To be working on this since 2007 doesn’t make it seem like that much, but that number in it self amazes me. Now if only I could write faster….

Enough of my blabbing, I have some fun poetry! Both were written at a Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. The first was inspired by a samurai sword demonstration I saw, and the second was written because taiko drums were beating really loudly outside.


Flashes of fury

Blood-stained steel to smite its foe

A duel to the death

Untitled 1

Drumming worse than clouds of thunder,

steady like the pounding of water.

Loud and Booming,

quick but strong.

Thus is the rhythm of a Taiko song.

[work is original and the sole property of Abigail Krocker]

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