Pride and Joy

Well I suddenly have a lot of pride, and yes, joy. (I’m too happy to worry about my cliche title.) I am ecstatic to say that I won the Annual Spring Writing contest from “From a Writer’s POV” magazine for the May issue. There are always doubts of how skilled I am in my writing from time to time, but this certainly took care of those for a while. The following is an excerpt of my essay (the topic of the contest was to write about a time in your life when you turned over a “new leaf” so to speak):

“With Hardships Comes Gratitude.”

I’m free these days – free of my own selfish pride and hurtful mentality. It’s nice, and it’s getting better. For the last four years, I’ve succeeded in healing myself of . . . well, myself. I’ve always been a daydreamer ever since I was in kindergarten. How innocent that is until it is done too much. I would examine huge concepts such as my purpose in life and the many invisible worlds hidden far from this planet’s reach. For years and years I always questioned these ideas. I was a bubbly young girl around others, but gradually depressed when left alone. It became that I was no longer thinking of anything, and yet wondering every possible question in the world all at once. I felt I didn’t belong on Earth; that I was meant for something greater. What pride this led to! Though I would never show it, I did feel more important, or wise, compared to everyone else. I felt it from my very core.

[To read the rest of it, go to: ]

Yes, I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I’ll get on it soon! I’m so crowded with homework lately!

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