Discovering my “voice” (and my purpose)

I have realized in the past two days that my novel, Journey to a Smile, does not have as much action as I thought it would. It has it for sure, otherwise there really wouldn’t  be a point in what the characters are doing, or maybe there is more than I think there is. However, that fact is irrelevant. What I really discovered was that I am an emotion-holic (yes I just made that up). I truly enjoy focusing on the emotions of my characters, the burdens each of them harbor in their hearts; their inner struggles. Also I love expressing how each of them acts with one another, and it’s all different, too, depending on who it is with. For some reason this idea just fascinates me. I suppose it is part of the reason why I briefly wanted to be come a psychiatrist a few years ago.

It is the main reason why I enjoy writing so much. I get to experience the pain, but also the relief and hope after the struggles, with the characters. Finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, is an amazing feeling. And that is also something I want to show the world through my writing. I’m such a believer in the optimistic. Even during the worst times, there is always some good that can come out of it, even if it takes ten years for it to show up. A lot of people forget that, or they are never alert enough to notice it.

I’m predicting that all of my fiction works, from this novel on out, will always have some sort of tragedy in them, but with that, a light of hope. I believe people read fiction for only two reasons: entertainment and/or escape. Why not teach people something while they’re enjoying the book? And why not give them a ray of hope in their own lives, no matter how they relate it to themselves? But it has to be realistic. I’m not giving someone the idea that the world is a happy place, and that the prince always saves the princess in time. No, he doesn’t always. Sometimes s*** happens, and the world sucks. I want to be able to provide that reality, along with a door of opportunity, one that can still be opened, even in the dark. Being such an optimistic, and a lover of emotions, hope should always be a theme in my books. In my mind, a good story not only entertains, but teaches in some form or another. A length of well chosen words can be all it takes to help someone sitting at home with an abusive family, and reading  your book, to find hope in their dark world.

That is why I write. And hopefully my books will always bring a ray of hope to anyone who needs it.

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