Learning when you’re meant to write

This is all from my opinion of course, but I’d like to share a little advice to those other young individuals aspiring to write for a living. How do you know if you are cut out for it? I asked myself the same question when I was thirteen and becoming serious about being an author. It was around then when I had the idea for my novel Journey to a Smile, (at 2 in the morning I might add. Why does inspiration always cause lack of sleep? lol), and even though I began writing, brainstorming, writing, a little every week or so, I really had no idea if I would be able to write for so long in one sitting, let alone be able to come up with more story ideas later! I never really had time to figure that out until my freshman year of HS, (last year), when I had a lot more time to write, and so many ideas in my head from thinking about the story for three  years that I just NEEDED to get it on paper. When I began to write page after page, finally getting the real personalities and lives of my characters on paper, and far enough along that the plot was already in its beautifully wicked twists and turns, I knew I could do this for a living. This past school year I’ve written four times as much as I have any other year, which is most likely half of my novel. I’m always a little scared when I hear about authors saying how they had half a year to produce a full manuscript, but it is possible, I’m sure. I’m not even there yet, but I can imagine. Once you latch onto that fish in the water, you have your dinner. It’s only a matter of preparing your fish so that you can eat, and share with friends! The same goes for writing, I think. Once you have an idea, start smearing graphite over a worn page of plot notes, and set your fingers on the keyboard, or pencil and paper. The hard part is coming up with a detailed plotline to begin with.

So don’t get discouraged, young people. Your writing gets better and better with time anyway, and school is always so time consuming, but when you begin to space out in class and can’t stop thinking about anything other than that fantastic story brewing in your head, or when you rush through or put off homework just to write, you definitely have what it takes to be a writer. Though there are many other steps to being a published author, the words you write are always the first step.

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