“I Have Never Left”

You don’t know my name,
and you never will.
I am a native of this land,
and I walked these hills long before you knew they existed.


Why I Live to Write

Ever since I can remember, I thought about life and what it meant. I daydreamed every spare second I got, tried writing a series similar to Tomb Raider in a notebook for a month in second grade, and practically narrated my own life all the time.

I paid close attention to the behaviors of other people, their reactions that they expressed and the words that were captured only in their face, even when no one else seemed to notice. I thought about concepts so abstract and large that for a long time I felt miserably lost among all of my observations.

I remember going home every night and looking out my second story bedroom window at our 4 acre yard. Each night I wished I could go somewhere else, somewhere where my mind could thrive in concepts and creation. I thought that would be another world. More

Forced to Read Helps?

What? Being forced to read makes me like to read more? Sounds crazy, I know. It’s probably contrary to what most people experience, but being in an AP English class with plenty of novels to read, I found this to be the case for me.

I normally don’t like reading. I’d rather write write write. However, in order to become a good writer it is entirely true that you need to be a good reader (unless you’re one of those prodigy oral-story-tellers).

I am forced to read novels in my class that I otherwise wouldn’t care to pick up. More

A Brief Hello

So, since junior year of high school has been taking up all my time, I wish to apologize to anyone who cares to read this page. I won’t have time to write anything for this until (hopefully) thanksgiving break. I hope to actually have a little more insight on writing – though I’m not quite sure what.

My quick advice for the day: get work done first, THEN play. -_-;;

The Next Level

Writing is similar to exercise. Exert yourself all you wish, but there comes a time when your success plateaus. But if you vary the routine and go a little outside of the box, the sky is the limit. For passionate writers I believe this concept is the same. If you never take the chance to learn new things, push yourself to new heights, the creativity and skill is stagnant. Though still beautifully constructed, all authors know that novels can always be improved, writing can always be better. After all, in the words of Gene Fowler: a book is never finished; it’s abandoned. A true writer should always become better in their field, as should any individual in any profession. And well, as a student of an Advanced Placement English 11 class, I have chosen to better myself.

Yet improvement also costs. More

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

The old cliche is true, as I have recently discovered. I had always believed in it, though I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to actually practice it.

This summer I was assigned to read “The Killer Angels,” a novel about the Civil War at the battle of Gettysburg. I didn’t think it would be awful, but I didn’t expect to like it, and I certainly didn’t anticipate that it would get me to shout at the book in uncontrollable spurts of joy and anxiety. Now that is true reader interaction! More

Short Update

Well, I finally finished the novel “The Grapes of Wrath” and found it to be a very powerful book, though a little odd in the end. Also I think the main character died…so I was very sad about that.

Currently I’m organizing the information that I will compile into my essay about the novel. I plan to get that done by Saturday night, and then begin reading Killer Angels next week.

I’ll still be facing my problem with wanting to write, rather than read, but hopefully the thought that school is coming up soon will push me along. Speaking of writing, with a lack of motivation to research medieval ships, and writers block on a couple other scenes, I began writing the sequel to my novel. Hope that’s not bad! I’m really enjoying it though, and find it intriguing that the shy girl in book one, Sara, who I really didn’t care writing about, is suddenly fun to write. I think that’s because I’m able to portray her now as a young woman, rather than a girl. She’s a love interest in the sequel, and also much more able to think for herself and be confident of who she is. Apparently confident characters are more fun for me to write.

And as a random side-note, I found that there is not one story idea in my head where the POV is strictly, or mostly, on a female. For some reason the minds of men interest me more. Odd…. Anyone else feel similar to this situation?

That’s all for now. I’ll be focusing on getting projects finished instead of blogging. I may visit my great aunt next week. She has dozens of stories to tell of my great grandparents escaping from Russia during the time of the Bolsheviks. Should be an exciting week. 🙂

Good writing to ya!

Juggling Wants and Needs (novel vs summer assignments)

Since I have found that I neither wish to write or read today, I decided to do a blog post on this very subject.

Once school ended in June, I placed it upon myself to finish my novel (which is more than halfway done) by the end of summer. That is, August 11th. However, in the meantime I must read Grapes of Wrath for AP English, complete an essay on it, then read Killer Angels for Honors American History. Now, there has only been one book that I really hated (Jacob Have I loved), so I have no problem reading either of these books. As far as I’ve gotten in John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, I rather like this book that was critiqued by my friends as “absolutely awful,” “boring,” “just try to get through it,” etc. But the problem is that it find it hard to read for a long period of time. I even decided I would read 5 chapters a day and get it done in 6 days, but it has been left sitting there on the couch for three days once I got to chapter 11. The end of summer is coming soon, and I know that I will get busier as the month speeds along, so procrastinating is certainly a dangerous risk when it comes to completing my summer assignments. More

Research Research Research!

Over the past year I have finally put my stubborn pride behind me. I have truly bent to the almighty power that research has on writing a book, short story, etc.

First of all, creating a scene that is more realistic More

Catching up and a few poems

I know it’s been far to long since I’ve posted. However I will pull out the excuse that it was because of school. It’s summer now though – more time to write and do other things that require little effort. Next year I will be a junior and the future looks promising.

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